Are you looking for a Tattoo Artist in Salt Lake City, Utah ? Maybe a Tattoo Studio that takes pride in not only the well being of the clientele, but has a unique talent and artistic approach to every tattoo. So not only will you get a beautiful piece of artwork, you will be wearing something unique to yourself. look no further than Kasey Roy tattoos/ Murder of Crows Tattoo Studio for your black and grey, color, realism or any of the other styles available, Kasey and Murder of Crows Tattoo is your new Studio.

Tattoos and tattoo Art have been around for centuries. Almost every culture has some form of body modification that defines them and sets them apart. If you are looking for a Tattoo, to express your identity, or just to show off some great Artwork, Kasey Roy is your Artist.

A tattoo Studio means nothing if the tattoo artists’s are not Skilled. Kasey Roy calls Murder of crows tattoo in North Salt Lake home. You can rest assured that your Tattoo will not only be designed by a True Artist, but it will be applied by a True Master of her craft in a safe, Clean, Comfortable Environment.


Contact Kasey with the contact link above. Be prepared with Tattoo location, the Tattoo design basics you would like and be sure you are at least 18 years of age at the time of the Tattoo. (kasey Will not Tattoo you if you are NOT at least 18)


Discuss tattoo or art designs. Please have ready any Artwork for reference, Please note these are for reference only, Kasey will Draw your Design with the Artwork as guidance only (out of Respect for fellow Artists)


Once you have contacted Kasey and discussed your tattoo or art ideas use the Appointments link above to schedule your time and place a deposit


All you have to do now is just Arrive on time, Have your ID (showing you are at least 18), Be hydrated, Get a good night sleep the night before, and Please EAT BEFORE your Tattoo session.

All Retainers are non-refundable. Retainers are refundable under special circumstances. You must notify me 24-48 hours for a reschedule or cancellation, or you must pay another Retainer to reschedule. Retainers (deposits) are applied towards the final cost of your tattoo.